Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Hoping For Blue Skies - 30 March 2018

30 March 2018 – I worked on my blog most of the day and will attempt to send this smaller blog and pictures to Mary before I go to bed. I think the Wi-Fi signal at this hotel is fairly strong and it will allow me to do this quite quickly. Let’s hope, anyway. I took a short break to go out and get something to eat. Of course, I’m eating out of the gas station. They had some decent size sandwiches which filled me up along with some cookies.

When I got back to the hotel I took three pictures. Two of the pictures are of my motorcycle and the other one is a picture of the hotel. The reason I took pictures of my motorcycle is to show you how I have it jammed in the corner to keep it secure so the wind doesn’t blow it over. If I haven’t mentioned it…but…….my bike has been blown over twice. So far, no real damage except for scratches and bruises. If you look at the right rear saddle bag / pannier you’ll see the bottom of the bag is pushed in toward the wheel. The bracket which supports the saddle bag is bent. That’s something I can’t straighten out here. The bottom of the saddle bag / pannier takes the brunt of the fall whenever the bike falls over. Hence the reason why its bent in on the bottom. 

The other is a picture of the hotel, and the window below the Hotel Argentina sign is my room. It’s a no hassle hotel. You walk in, give them your name, passport number and money, and you’re done. Less than 5 minutes. It has secure parking and no stairs to climb. It has hot water, clean sheets and the bed is good enough for me. The wind has been howling outside my window all day. I hope it goes away during the night so I can leave on a calm and sunny day tomorrow.
That's it for this set of posts; more to come.  On to more adventures!

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