Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Farm Talk - 15 April 2018

15 April 2018 – I got up and looked out the window. Partly cloudy with some sun. I carried down my first load to my motorcycle. I put out my Spot to send a message to Mary and they removed the bungee cords holding my motorcycle from being blown over. When I arrived at the otel it was windy enough to make me think my motorcycle could be blown over. That’s a real unpleasant thought. That’s why I had it bungee corded to the hotel water tank out of the way of other hotel cars. Once the Spot message was sent I moved my motorcycle to the front of hotel and finished loading it. I then ate breakfast, put on my riding clothes and then departed.

It seemed like most of the land I drove thru was low land and swampish. The beef cattle, white face and black angus looked like they had wet feet most of the time. There also seemed like there were a lot of pools of water about an acre in size and shallow, maybe 1 yard / 1 meter deep. I saw a lot of beef cattle knee deep in these ponds. I wonder how many of these critters got stuck in the mud, fell over and drowned. More and more horses have started showing up. It used to be one or two horses ever so occasionally but now you see them in group of six to ten. These horses have nice shiny coats, whereas the earlier horses had much rougher coats of hair and didn’t look as well fed.
I took a couple of picture of some of the combines they use down here. Massey-Ferguson and John Deere seem to be the machine of choice if you can afford them. For the size of the fields they have down here I would have thought you’d see wider headers. They kind of looked 15 feet wide. Maybe they were harvesting soy beans instead of wheat, I don’t know.

I was pulled over by the police in check point and asked to check papers on my motorcycle. I had to take the tires off the top box to get to my documents. This is not a pleasant task and time consuming. The police officer was standing there looking in my box like he expected to see gold or money. He was disappointed. I gave him my title and border paper work. He looked at it like he didn’t know what he was looking at and then gave them back to me. I loaded up my tires and got out of there.

Blanche once again tried to drag me in a direction other than the way I was going. I had to bully her back on my route. When I arrived at the hotel I got checked in OK but their internet wasn’t working. I wanted to do research on upcoming hotels and border crossings. I was not happy about this. So I went to bed mad.

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