Tuesday, April 3, 2018

How To Get From Here To There - 29 March 2018

29 March 2018 – Today I stayed in the hotel room and did some forward thinking. I have 3000 Miles / 5000 Kilometers to ride to get to my friend's place, and need to start planning strategy on my route and where I’m going to leave Argentina. I mostly want to get out of this howling wind. I can’t trust to leave my motorcycle set for fear it will be blown over. When that Patagonia wind blows it doesn’t mess around. I’ve been blown over twice and don’t want it happen again. I also have to nail down a shipper to fly my motorcycle back to the U.S. I really want to ship it out of Brazil, that way I don’t have to leave Brazil and return Buenos Aires, Argentina and ship it from there. It’s the time factor and another border crossing.

I’m presently working with my friends in Brazil and Mary trying to find an International shipper to fly my motorcycle back to the U.S. I also planned out my route for 31 March 2018 and got my hotels all lined up. For those that are not in Blanche’s memory, I have the GPS coordinates written down so I can enter them when I’m near the hotel. I just found out this Sunday is Easter / Pascua de Resurreccion. Where has January, February and March gone? I went to bed.

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