Monday, April 2, 2018

The Kwak Took a Nap - 26 March 2018

26 March 2018 – I went and ate breakfast today. While I was eating I sorted through all my pictures and picked the one I was going to put into my blog. I Started working on my Blog 11 document. I’m only roughing in the last 5 or 6 days. Just so I don’t forget what has transpired. After a week of not writing anything down bits and pieces start to be forgotten or the blend into another day. As I was working on my blog I noticed the wind was picking up. Pretty soon the wind was howling and the trees were taking a beating. I started to worry about my motorcycle. I thought it should be safe tucked away in the corner where I had it. Pretty soon the windows and the roof was rattling. Ever so occasionally, the building would shake some. You could feel it. I decided to walk down and check my motorcycle. I checked my supports to make sure they were tightly in place. The cover was flapping wilding in the wind. I thought that would be all right. The wind came in gusts. I estimate the gust were in the range of 40 / 50 Mph to 65 / 80 Kph.

Eventually, I decided I would stay another day just to run a fine tooth comb through the text looking for grammar errors and adding bits and pieces to improve the story. The wind continued to howl and then it started raining. I continued working on my blog and watching the weather. By 8:00 p.m. the wind had died down and rain stopped. I pretty much had everything typed in that I wanted and decided to go out and eat.

As I left the hotel I decided to look in on my motorcycle, the Kwak-a-saki. I rounded the corner of the hotel and there laid my motorcycle on its side. Damn is all I could say. I ran over and removed the cover, which was still flapping in the wind. I shifted it into 1st gear and, like they taught in the motorcycle class, I lifted my motorcycle back onto two wheels. The steering was locked so I couldn’t really move it. So, I put my supports back under it to steady it, grabbed my cover and went upstairs to get my keys. The receptionist looked at me suspiciously like something was up. She may have known my bike was tipped over by seeing it on the hotel security cameras. The best I can figure it, the wind must have been really turbulent in the corner where I thought it would be protected from the strongest winds. Well, mother nature out smarted me again.

I pushed my bike into a doorway that was about 4 Feet / 1.5 Meters deep. I push the front wheel into one of the corners for stability, put it in 1st gear, put my two support uprights in place and blocked in the rear wheel. That was the best protection I could give it for the night. I locked it up and went to eat supper. I checked it again before I went to bed thinking I might get hollered at because of where I had my bike parked. No one said anything and anybody parked in secure parking still could get out. I thought I would get up about 8:00 a.m. and move my bike. We’ll see……….I hope no one comes a-hollering.

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