Sunday, April 1, 2018

Playing Tourist in Ushuaia - 22 March 2018

22 March 2018 – I had to switch hotels today. I was booted out of Hosteria America when I asked to stay another night. I waited too long to tell them and they gave my room to an incoming bus load of Koreans. I was out. There was no happiness about this. They recommend another Hostel about 500 Yards / 500 Meters away. I packed up my stuff and moved to the other hotel.

After I was moved in I walked downtown to do tourist things. I found an ATM and shored up my pesos for my trip North to Brazil. I took a tour of the prison. I’ll put those photos on a separate blog post because there are so many. Personally, not a place I would like to be locked up in. Some pretty basic latrine facilities if you look at my pictures. The little guy with the big ears was pretty nasty from a young age. He was beaten to death by his fellow inmates for throwing their pet cat into a burning stove. He got what he deserved.

Another picture I thought was interesting was the wrought iron work on the railings. Look at the picture with the railing. Look how the round bar passes thru the eyelet. Then look at how this 1” Inch diameter / 25.4 Millimeter rod is wrapped around the 2nd lower bar. All this work was very nice, neat and close fitting. Not bad blacksmithing.

I took a walk into the souvenir shop and bought my usual commemorative pin. I left the prison and walked down to the water front. A nice place to walk around and to sign up for tours. You also can check out the Argentine Navy Ships and the different cargo ships dropping off their cargo. I asked one tour person to take my picture by the Ushuaia sign. When I opened her booth, her hound escaped. It wasn’t a big deal that he wanted to get out of that small booth and she really didn’t care.

I took more pictures of a monument about the people who settled Ushuaia. It mentioned all the ethnicities who settled in this new land and called it home. They are listed on the round object in one of the pictures. I was finished with that tourist area and walked back to a hamburger joint for supper. It was the 3rd time I had eaten there. I stopped by another store and purchased water for on my motorcycle. I didn’t want to go to the grocery store, find my water, then wait in line for 30 minutes again to get checked out.

When I got back to the hotel the wind was picking up again. I moved my motorcycle off the street because I was afraid the strong winds would blow it over. I wedged the front tire into a corner so the bike virtually couldn’t be blown over and put my supports sticks under it and covered it. It was good for the night. I asked Mary to make a reservation for my hotel tomorrow night. It went to bed knowing I would be leaving tomorrow.

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