Monday, April 6, 2020

Motorcycle Hide and Seek – Los Angeles, CA – 5 June 2018

5 June 2018 – I gathered up all my motorcycle paperwork and then we drove down to Avianca Cargo near Los Angeles International Airport. We get to the address and find the Avianca sign. The building appears vacated. We check the building: it’s all locked up with no one around. We saw a truck driver and asked him about Avianca. He said they moved from this location to another address but not far from our present location. He said he knew how to find their new building but didn’t know the address. My brother Larry and I stopped in the next door building and spoke with the receptionist. We asked if she knew Avianca’s new address? She wrote it down for us and had a look on her face that said “this is the millionth time I’ve done this. Why don’t they fix their website?” We thanked her for her help.

We drove over to Avianca Cargo’s new address. It wasn’t far, like the trucker said. We walk in to the desk area. There are 4 people waiting ahead of us. The worst thing is, it’s nearing noon / dinner time. Sure enough, two of the guys left for dinner and the remaining individual was tied up with someone for the next 30 minutes. So, we sat and waited. Finally, a guy walks out to the counter and asks each of the 3 customers waiting for help what they needed. Our request was quite simple so he took us first but I said, these other two guys were here before us. They said it wasn’t a problem. So, I pulled out my Air Waybill and showed it to him and asked if the motorcycle was in this warehouse. He walked into some office behind the desk and ran the Air Waybill. He came back and said yes, it is here. He said you’ll need a broker to get the motorcycle out of the warehouse. I asked if he knew of any brokers I could use in the Los Angeles area. He reached back and gave me a business card of a brokerage firm. We thanked him for his help and left.

We stopped in at McDonalds on the way back to my brothers’ home. That hamburger / hamburguesa really tasted good. I missed American junk food while I was traveling. Oh, the hamburger / hamburguesa bun did not break into a million pieces either when I ate it. That’s funny because I complained about that all the way thru Mexico, Central and South America. Larry and I got back to his house and he received a call from his girlfriend Tonya. She was over at her friend's house and said that their Nissan truck would not move. You could put it in gear but it won’t move. We drive over to Tanya’s friends house to check out the truck. Larry climbs into the cab and the truck won’t start. It has a message that won’t clear and the level of frustration is just climbing. So, we get the truck parked so it won’t get towed overnight. We all go home and discuss the truck. Larry decides to call his car shop where he has all his maintenance done in the morning. He’ll have them tow the vehicle to the shop and have a look at it. This vehicle repair has all the ear marks of a very expensive fix. No joy in the house to night.

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