Monday, November 20, 2017

Chain Challenges - 2 November 2017

2 November 2017 – I removed the incorrectly installed weights and re-taped them to the rim correctly. I then installed the rear wheel into the swing arm. Once the wheel was installed in the swing arm I Blue Loctited, tightened and torqued the sprocket nuts. I was now ready to install the new o-ring chain. My brother Larry and I both counted out the links so no mistakes were made. If you cut the chain too short, you're, like, in deep doo doo. It was checked 4 times before I cut the chain. Larry had a nice 4.0-inch diameter angle grinder which I used to grind the parting link. I then used my chain breaker to pop the ground link off. That grinder made short work of shortening that chain. The last time I did this I was in Palmer, Alaska and I used a file. Actually, it took longer to install the master link than to shorten the chain. Those master links can be a bugger. A little-known fact is that I used Larry to set on my top box to collapse the rear suspension to check to see that I had the correct length chain. It was a sight worthy of a picture. He rebelled at the picture idea. After I got the master link installed I adjust the chain within 2 turns of the correctly adjusted length. I can’t adjust the chain correctly till I have my bike loaded with my saddle bags and my packs. That I will do tomorrow.

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