Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Holed Up - 13-15 November 2017

13 November 2017 – I was going to stay in place on this day and start catching up on my blog posts. I got something to eat at a roadside restaurant down the road, and after I ate it…….it put me right to sleep. I zonked out till 3:00 p.m., just in time to pay for another night at the hotel.  I have to start getting used to this food!

14 November 2017 – I got started writing around 10:30 a.m. and I wrote till 10:00 p.m.  I'm not a fast writer.  I stepped out of the room once at 3:00 p.m. to pay for another night and get a bottle of water and a Coca-Cola. When I first got into this room the water smelled like sewer water. It was horrible. I had to open the door and windows to let the room air out after turning on the shower.  No, I didn't jump in. I mentioned this to one of the ladies who works for the hotel and she said to let the water run till the pipes are flushed out. I did that and eventually the smell went away. I then took a shower and did some laundry.

15 November 2017 – I woke up and realized I still needed to write some more for my blog. So, I stayed another day. I continued writing thru the day without sticking my head outside the room. The people that work at the hotel grew concerned that maybe I became sick and needed to be checked on. So one of the ladies knocked on the door to see if I was dead or alive. After she was assured that I was still thriving I asked her if she could deliver another meal like the one she did two nights ago. She said, yes and it would be chicken soup and a loaf of bread. I said that would be great and I paid her. The hotel knew my motorcycle hasn’t moved in two days. The parking lot is sand and every day and probably every night the yard is raked to remove wheel tracks, foot and shoe prints. That way if any visitors show up at the hotel during the night they will know. All the fresh tire tracks and footprints are visible the next morning. That’s pretty clever for the hotel and bad for the unsuspecting thief or criminal. A cheap security system disguised as keeping the place neat and clean. I will watch for that in my future travels.

My food arrived hot and tasty. The chicken soup was as good as comes and the rice was just great. I’m saving the bread to eat with my peanut butter whenever food isn’t that available and I need to kill my hunger. That’s what I lived on yesterday when I didn't leave the room. 

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