Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Not Popular With the Police - 18 April 2018

18 April 2018 – I will leave Jardin America and ride to Puerto Iguazu, Agentina and hopefully the hotel I’m looking for is available. When I got there I found out the Marco Polo Inn is still open but has changed its name. That caused me some difficulty. I stopped in a tourist information building and found it’s location, then found the location in Blanche my GPS. I go to the location and can’t find the Marco Polo Inn because it has changed its name. I asked in another tourist information center near the bus station and they told me it was across the street. I walk across the street and check out the Tango Inn. Sure enough, it was the Marco Polo Inn with a new name. It’s a hostel.

I went back to the bus station to get my motorcycle and the Parking Police Man hollered at me because I parked too long at the bus station. Then he blew his whistle at me again when I drove up a one way street to get on the sidewalk because someone parked in front of the driveway into the Tango Inn.

I drove up the driveway into the hostel and parked in front of my room. I unloaded my bike and two Norwegian guys came over and wanted to talk to me about my travels. It was 85 degrees and really humid. I sweat profusely inside of my red AeroStitch riding suit. It was dried out when I started this morning and now it was soaking wet with perspiration again. I was almost dehydrated. I drank a litre of water and ate a pizza for supper.

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