Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Rain, Rain, Go Away - 6 April 2018

 Today I will ride around Bahia Blanca on Highway 33 and then continue North to General Villegas. The day started out cloudy and pretty much stayed that way all day. I was going to put on my rain suit just in case it rained but thought I would take a chance it wouldn’t. Mostly hoping the sky would brighten up and get sunny. The countryside was mostly rural and again with wide open spaces that always make you hope your car or motorcycle don’t develop mechanical issues. All day looking forward it was clouds and getting darker clouds. I’m setting on my bike saying to myself can you just hold off on the rain for another 20 Miles / 32 Kilometers. All the signs were there that I was going to get wet, the shoulder of the road was wet with standing water. A few Miles / Kilometers down the road my hopes were dashed. I met a car with their windshield wipers on intermittent and then a truck with its windshield wipers going. I less than a minute I had rain drops on my helmet visor. Of course, there is a positive side to all this. The earlier rain and traffic had washed all the field mud off the road. That greasy mud makes the road surface slippery as ice and very hazardous. Especially if the mud is packed .375 Inch / .393 Centimeter thick. At least for me anyway.

So, I ride off and on rain as I continue north. The rain is continuing to get heavier as I drive north. I hate when my AeroStitch Riding Suit gets wet. Its not the getting wet part that’s irritating……but how to dry it out without air conditioning. I kept counting down the kilometers till I reached the town of General Villegas where I was planning on staying. I knew from looking at it online the night before what the hotel looked like and it was easy to find. The hotel wasn’t more than 400 Yards / 400 meters off High Way 33 on the road into the town. I whipped in there and got out of the rain. They had a room at a reasonable rate and I checked in. I got my bike under the roof next to my room so the bags wouldn’t get any wetter. This was my kind of a hotel. You give them the money and the deal is done.

I unloaded my bike. I got my AeroStitch hung up so it could dry. I turned on the fan to help the drying process. I ate supper at the gas station because they sold hamburgers and french fries. It must have really rained earlier in the day because some of the mud puddles were 6 Inch / 15 Centimeters deep and 2 Yards / 2 Meters in diameter. I have been watching the weather forecast for Rosario, Argentina. For the last two days it was rain and thunder showers. From all indications I think the weather forcast was correct. I Skyped Mary and then went to bed.

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