Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Watch Out For The Ruts! - 8 April 2018

8 April 2018 – I got up and cautiously looked out the door. Another cloudy day with the possibility of rain. I loaded my bike and went and ate breakfast. Coffee or Tea and croissants. I ate my croissants and then went and got dressed to ride in the rain. I was all dressed, dropped my key off at reception and departed the hotel. I went downtown to a bank which has an ATM and purchased some Pesos. I talked with a taxi driver who wanted to know more about my motorcycle and travels. He eventually had to leave because someone needed a ride. I hated to see him go but was kind of glad. I was in that rain suit and I had my own personal sauna going on. I needed to get some wind blowing on me.

I was off, heading toward Casilda, Argentina. It’s about 40 Kilometers South of Rosario, Argentina. I ran into some rain on the way. Again, it was mostly agricultural. The small towns I passed thru the heavy trucks rutted up the roads severely. It was raining for a short stretch and these deep ruts fill with water. I believe the water depth was 2 Inch / 6 centimeters. I was worried about hydroplaning and crashing into the ditch. Scary stuff. I came up behind a semi-truck and followed him till the rain stopped. When he drove thru the ruts he cleared the water out of them. When the water was ejected out of the ruts it flew higher than the truck at a 45 degree angle.

Eventually, the rain and water-filled ruts went away and I arrived in Casilda. I set Blanche to get me to the hotel which she did nicely. With all the rain and now sun the humidity was high and I was dying inside my rain suit. I checked into the hotel and like it said, in the comments online……It’s an old hotel that could use some updating but the price was right. I had no complaints. I had a first floor room and secure parking. I was happy. The first thing I did was remove my rain suit. I also removed my AeroStitch Suit to cool down. Then I carried my bags into the room.  I ate a good hamburger in a nearby restaurant and later Skyped Mary before going to bed.

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