Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Scheming With Blanche - 7 April 2018

7 April 2018 – I got up and there was still a light rain. Also the weather report north to Rosario shows me nothing but rain. I decided to stay at the hotel another day. I’m going to drive around Rosario and Santa Fe, Argentina. I’m going to build Custom Routes around these cities and that’s what will entertain me today. I researched a route around Rosario and it required 8 waypoints and was quite easy. This route didn’t have any glitches that I had to repair. The 2nd route I built to Santa Fe, around Santa Fe and the departing Santa Fe required 17-waypoints. It had two glitches in this route I had to repair. Both of the glitches I picked my waypoint in the wrong lane which caused Blanche to get extremely stupid. I repaired both of those way points and the route preformed flawlessly. I still need to build the custom route around Parana but I’m out of battery on Blanche. I’ll have to build that when Blanche’s battery is charged up again. I also planned out my route for the next day.

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