Wednesday, May 16, 2018

World Travelers - 19 April 2018

19 April 2018 – I got up early and ate breakfast. I talked to a Korean girl who has been traveling for a year. She’s off to Moscow, Russia and will ride the train east across Russia to Mongolia and then ride a train to south to Korea somehow. Her English wasn’t that clear so I don’t how she will change trains to get back to South Korea.
I took it easy for a while and then in the afternoon I walked to the 3 corners region of Argentina where the borders of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay meet. It was the farthest I had walked since I started this trip. I took some pictures of a de-commissioned tourist ship, some retaining wall murals and pictures around the 3 corners area. You could also see the car ferry which shuttled cars, trucks and freight to Paraguay. I’m not sure why this ferry service operates because there is a bridge to Paraguay. Maybe the bridge is from Brazil to Paraguay. Maybe by using the ferry you can avoid one border crossing. For example, Argentina to Paraguay instead of Argentina, Brazil and then Paraguay.
I sent Mary a selfie of me from in front of the 3 corners monument. I walked back to hostel and spent the rest of the night getting ready to cross the border in the morning to avoid the heat and humidity of the day. Tomorrow will be my first day having to navigate the Portuguese language. It’s going to be a challenge.


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  2. Hello my friend David, I am looking forward to the continuation of the trip and to know how was your passage through Brazil ... was there any problem that you stopped posting on the blog?