Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Oops - 14 December 2017

14 December 2017 – I started out going through my paperwork to cross the border, read all the precautions, got out my Guatemalan maps, got Blanche tuned up for Central America and wrote some more entries for my blog. I was planning on braving the border crossing on the 15th of December. I tried to fire up Blanche’s Central American maps, and found I didn’t have the S/D Card with the maps for Central America. How did I ever overlook that? Damn, that set me on my ear. What’s the plan now? 

I went online and found a set of maps for Central America and decided I would purchase them. I would have to download them off the internet to my GPS and that not a strong suit for me. I texted Mary and asked if she would help me get through the downloading process. I would have much preferred purchasing an S/D Card with the maps already loaded.  Take out one S/D Card and put in another. That’s my kind of changing maps, but there was no time to wait for a package. Mary got back to me and we settled down for a long process. I showed her what I wanted. She walked me through ordering it online and even found a 20% discount online!  GPS Travel Maps e-mailed me my password so I could download the Central American Maps. 

Mary and I use Skype to communicate back and forth. I used my cell phone to show Mary my computer screen so she could help me navigate through the downloading of the maps. Well it worked, but it wasn’t that smooth of an operation. It’s hard to type, keep the phone steady and have Mary reading the directions to me all at the same time. She said she was getting motion sickness from trying to read my screen while the phone was bouncing around. To make a long story short, Mary and I did get the maps loaded into to my GPS. I used the Micro S/D Card that had the United States Maps on it. It had almost 5 gigabytes of free space on it so I thought I’d download the maps to it. Unknown me (not too tech savvy) I overwrote the United States Maps. That will cost me $100 to get them back. But on the bright side I have the Central American maps and I can continue to navigate through Central America with some ease. I’ll still have to keep an eye on Blanche as she’s always looking for the short cut. 

I cleaned up my desk and put all my paperwork back in order. I will again start and finish my preparations to cross the border. The only thing that bothers me is the money changing thing. It’s not a bank teller or an ATM. It’s a bunch guys wanting to change my money or scam me out of money. I retired for the evening with that thought.

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