Monday, December 11, 2017

Dodging Buses and Soda - 30 November 2017

30 November 2017 – I got loaded up and got a semi-early start. I noticed that the further south I traveled, the more greenery showed up. In some areas the trees have grown over the road. You actually drive through an archway. Usually the grass alongside the road is about 8 feet / 2.5 meters tall. I haven’t seen that since Southeast Asia. I also saw a lot of sugar cane farms along the way. I was following a pickup truck full of someone’s treasures. He was on his way to the salvage yard with his oversize load of scrap metal. It was stacked 3 Feet / 1 Meter over the top of the cab. He reached 40 Mph / 64 Kilometers and the wind blew off his gunny sack-sized bag full of smashed pop cans right in front of me. I dodged it and he stopped to pick it up.

Once I turned south from Tepic, Mexico on Hwy 200, the roads through the mountains became very curvy, like The Tail of The Dragon in the U.S.A. Lots and lots of switchbacks. I spent a lot of time on the brakes. It seemed the tour buses were not afraid to drive over the center line going around those curves. I got the impression a lot of drivers don’t anticipate another vehicle on the other side of those curves. Sometimes it was some pretty scary driving. Anyway, I stopped just North of Puerto Vallarta for the night. I checked my rear chain for adjustment and oiled it. I’m thinking tomorrow I will work on my blog. I watched an Austin Powers movie in Spanish.

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