Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Technology Saves The Day - 11 December 2017

11 December 2017 – I needed a shower and food. The restaurant cooked me huevos rancheros and refried beans. Damn that was good. I ate all the tortillas with my refried beans. I was feeling like a human again.

I came back into the room and started emailing  pictures to Mary.  With the weak Wi-Fi, it was taking forever. She suggested I try texting the pictures if the Wi-Fi was bad.  I had to figure out how to transfer the pictures from my camera to my laptop to my cell phone, so I could text her the pictures. I did eventually figure out how to transfer the pictures. I sent all the pictures in less than 30 minutes. I sent them as texts and they just flew out of my computer. If I emailed them it would have taken more than 2 minutes to send each picture.  I decided to take a break after sending the pictures and walked across the street to a wholesale food and clothing store. It was a lot like Sam’s Club in Minnesota except you didn’t have to be a member. I wanted to purchase another jar of peanut butter for my backup food supply. I didn’t find any but I bought some French bread, apples and a couple of Snickers candy bars. I came back to hotel, ate one of the apples and worked on my blog till 12:00 midnight and went to bed.

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