Wednesday, December 20, 2017

How Do Say “Cold Cut Combo” in Spanish? - 10 December 2017

10 December 2017 – I got up, loaded my bike, turned in the key and TV remote and left. I will be heading toward the border to a city called Tuxtla Gutierrez. A lot of mountain riding on a road that should be one of Mexico’s better roads. The sun was shining when I left and day looked promising. As soon as I entered the mountains it started misting and getting colder. It got down as cold as 58 degrees / 13C. Man, it was cold. It rattled my eye teeth out. The misting was off and on until I got down to lower elevations. I pulled in to Tuxtla Gutierrez and I’m driving city roads with speed bumps and potholes.

As I was following Hwy 190, I spotted a Subway sandwich place. I hooked a u-turn and drove back to it. This would be something different for a change. I go inside, and oh crap, everything is in Spanish. So I’m trying to decipher it. I find what I’m looking for and order it. Then they start asking me all these questions about what I want on it, cheese, vegetables, dressings, and whether I wanted it toasted. I was overwhelmed. I almost walked out of the place. Miraculously, a high school girl behind me walks up to me and said, what kind of cheese do you want, do want it toasted etc. etc. When it came time to pay for it I asked for two cookies to go with my Subway sandwich. I paid for everything and I gave the 2nd cookie to the girl who interpreted for me. She was quite surprise and asked if she could give me a hug. I said sure. By the time I turned around the family was gone and I ate my sandwich. The sandwich was really good and something a little different for change.

I set out to find a hotel. I found this Auto Hotel. It had a garage with a curtain, just like the other two I stayed in. The perfect place for me. 400 pesos/$20 for 24 hours. I asked the receptionist if they had Wi-Fi and he said no. I told him I needed Wi-Fi and left. I felt bad but I needed Wi-Fi. I traveled over to where I came into town and saw a nice looking hotel. I stopped in and got a room. More expensive but it had Wi-Fi. I came in, unloaded my motorcycle and proceeded to research hotels on the border of Mexico. I found several. God only knows if they’re fit for man or beast. I went to bed.

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