Monday, February 5, 2018

Child Bride and Snickers - 30 January 2018

30 January 2018– I worked on my blog all day today. I took two breaks; one of them was to go looking for apples and Snickers candy bars. I found the apples but not the candy bars. When I bought the apples, the guy I paid told me I should marry his daughter. She was about 18 years old, maybe. I wrote on my cell translator that she doesn’t want on old man for a husband. Both the mother and the father said that doesn’t make any difference. I wrote back that she would much prefer a nice young man over me and left to end that conversation.

The second break I took was at 6:00 p.m. to go eat a hamburger and French fries. It wasn’t bad. The lady making the hamburger was pretty chilly though. I ate my hamburger and left. I stop into another store to buy some water for tomorrow, and low and behold they sold Snickers candy bars. I bought four of them to have one for tonight and three for tomorrow if easy food wasn’t available.

Today was the first day I saw blue sky in weeks. For the most part since I arrived in Bogota, Columbia the skies have been mostly cloudy. Once I saw a night sky with stars. Tomorrow I got to get my motorcycle out of secure parking about a block away from the hotel. I hope that’s not going to be another adventure I have to deal with.

I found out how people know how to put their trash out for collection. The trash truck comes slowly driving down the street playing a certain song on a loud speaker. That alerts the people that it’s trash day. So, they dash into their homes / businesses, grab their garbage and set it on the curb for the trash collectors. That’s what I observed while I was eating my hamburger. I programmed Blanche to navigate me out of here and into Quito. I also typed in the GPS Coordinates of the hotel I’m planning on staying in. I tracked Blanche’s movement against Google Maps. She was right on locating with Google Maps. I think Blanche will be ok for the rest of Ecuador. I’m going to try and rise early tomorrow. I want to stop at the Equator and also get to the hotel before the sun goes down. Well that’s my plan anyway. DaveR out

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