Monday, February 5, 2018

Where is Ecuador? - 29 January 2018

29 January 2018 – While I was waiting for Mary to get back to me I have been working some on my blog but mostly I was worrying why I hadn’t heard from Mary all day. So, I got on a chat line with Garmin and typed in all the symptoms Blanche was exhibiting using maps City Navigator – South America NT 2017. Within 5 minutes I was chatting with Lynn. She was quite pleasant and after reading my tale of woe, she replied back that City Navigator – South America NT 2017 did not include Ecuador Maps. She provided a link which showed all the maps covered by South America NT 2017 and Ecuador was not there. Now don’t I have egg on my face.

Mary finally e-mailed me that I haven’t replied to any of her texts. I replied, I haven’t received a text from her since I was at the border. Today I found out Mary can receive my texts but I can’t receive her texts. Well that answers a few questions. With that knowledge, I jumped on the internet looking for Ecuador GPS maps compatible with my Garmin ZUMO 660. I found a maps at GPS Travel Store. I also made a mad dash to an electronics store to purchase a micro s/d card to load the Ecuador Maps on for Blanche. It was fairly reasonable, $8 USD. I went shopping looking for more food while I was out.

When I returned, using Skype, Mary and I purchased and downloaded the Ecuador Maps onto the micro s/d card. It looks so easy but I struggle with downloading and that’s why Mary was helping me. I would say by 8:00 p.m. we had the maps loaded and tried out in Blanche. When I put in the S/D Card all of sudden I had streets, gas stations, grocery stores, hospitals etc. etc. The South American NT 2017 maps literally stop at the Columbian / Ecuador Border. Blanche was mindless once she crossed the border and it was very obvious. Once I tried out the maps and Blanche seem to working again I breathed big sigh of relief. I went bed feeling like a weight had been lift off my shoulders. I went to bed and slept well.

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