Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Insurance Woes - 17 February 2018

17 February 2018 – I woke up to bottle caps falling from the bed to the floor. I checked my e-mails and texts. Chris, my guy out in front of me e-mailed me all the necessary information to leave Peru and enter Chile. Nothing that unusual other than I need to purchase motorcycle insurance for Chile online before I come into Chile. That took me 5 hours and without his help, I would have been purchasing it in Arica, Chile. Another adventure I didn’t want to undertake. I just found out that all my work on the insurance turned out to be a waste of time. After I put all that effort into buying insurance, it’s incorrect. I will have to go to Arica and see if I can find an insurance agent where I can purchase the motorcycle insurance I need. I’m still not done with my blog due to this insurance thing. I so wanted to be out of this town tomorrow with this blog stuff wrapped up. I gotta go get something to eat and text Mary. Maybe she can help me.

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