Friday, March 27, 2020

Change in Plans – Irati, Parana, Brazil – 18 May 2018

18 May 2018 – I decided to stay an extra day. I needed to finalize my route out of Brazil into Argentina. I tried to avoid all large cities and just pass through the small towns. I needed to get Blanche, my GPS, up to speed, write down my directions on my gas tank and decide what city I would be staying in tomorrow night.

As I was working, I received an e-mail from James Sr. It said that he located a shipping company that would ship my motorcycle back to the United States from Brazil. It was located in Curitiba, Parana, Brazil. Well, that was quite a surprise. I texted him back and said, I would like to ship my motorcycle out of Curitiba. I asked him if we could me meet at a designated place and could he guide me into the city. That didn’t work out, but he provided me with two hotels where I could stay. Hotel Blumenau and Hotel Ibis Styles. I decided I would stay at Hotel Ibis Styles in Curitiba Centro Civico. The route I planned out of Brazil into Argentina was thrown into the trash can along with all my handwritten notes. I will be planning a new route to the hotel in Curitiba. I planned my route, programmed my GPS, found the GPS coordinates to the hotel and wrote all my directions on the gas tank again. Before the dinner meal in the hotel I had all my travel plans formalized for tomorrow. I knew where I was going and how to get there. Supper was going to taste good tonight. 

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