Thursday, March 26, 2020

Preparing to Leave – Telemaco Borba, Brazil – 14 May-16 May 2018

14 May – 16 May 2018 – I continued searching for Air Cargo Shipping Companies and it was becoming very evident that I would not be flying my motorcycle back to Los Angeles, California from Brasil / Brazil. I knew I was facing a decision…..when was I going to leave Telemaco Borba. This was not how I wanted it to work out. I would have to tell James Sr. and Elis and I didn’t want to see the concern on their faces over my safety. James Sr. told me some pretty scary stories about tourists being abducted and killed etc. etc. I also needed to start preparing my routes to Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

I had my oil changed and the tires were good enough to get me to Buenos Aires. So, my motorcycle was ready to go. I had to tie up some loose ends and get my bags packed. I checked all the nooks and crannies so that I didn’t leave anything behind. 

Elis keep me fed. I would walk down to the store at noon and she would have dinner waiting for me. That walk was the best I did to get me back in shape. I had to asked her not to feed me so much. I was gaining weight. I would also swing by my favorite ice cream store and pick up 1 ea. pint / 500 Milliliters for snacking later. I also stocked up on water, bread and Snickers candy bars for my motorcycle. I never knew for sure when my next meal would be. 

James Sr., Elis and I would eat some extense / estendido meals which usually ended with my favorite coconut cake or chocolate cake. During one meal / dinner he videoed us three eating and talking. He said he was saving it in case I ever come back to Telemaco Borba. So, we both could revisit it. He has it stored somewhere on a computer. I have no idea when I might see it again. I was now pretty much ready to leave Telemaco Borba. I have Blanche ready to navigate and my written route taped to my gas tank. I’m ready to leave tomorrow. I went to bed.

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