Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Routine – Telemaco Borba, Brazil – 30 April-2 May 2018

30 April – 2 May 2018 – As the days passed, James Jr. and I kind of fell into this routine: he gets up early and leaves on his bicycle for the store. He is responsible for his dad’s store while his parents are out of town. I get up later and check my computer for e-mail’s and do some research for companies that can fly my motorcycle out of Brazil. James Jr. orders the dinner, then texts me dinner is on the way. I walk down to the store and James and I eat dinner together. Well, that’s supposed to be the way it works but I’m usually a little late. If we walk it’s usually after James Jr. closes the store for the day. On one of our walks we found an ice cream store that sold ice cream in pints. 1 Pint / 500 Milliliter. Frequently when I walked by myself, I would stop and buy 1 pint / 500 Milliliter and eat it when I got home. They also had a food store near their store where I bought apples, bananas and whatever else I might need. His parents are presently traveling in Spain and Morocco. I learned the basics of the city by walking back and forth to the store for dinner. I walk a few different routes which I would take from time to time. I got lost a couple of times and had to use my cell phone to navigate me to the store or back home. 

I worked on the computer some during this time, but somehow, I just couldn’t seem to type or write anything for my blog. I was getting frustrated to the point where I was thinking it would be impossible to ship my motorcycle out of Brazil back to the U.S.A. I sent out several e-mails to shipping companies asking if they could fly my motorcycle back to the U.S.A. If I received a return reply it was usually, no. I began to start thinking I would have to return to Buenos Aires, Argentina to ship my motorcycle out of there. As a precautionary measure I decided to send an e-mail to Dakar Motos and request a quote to fly my motorcycle to Los Angeles, California. I know they will because two of my friends who I met with in Ushuaia, Argentina flew their motorcycles home thru Dakar Motos. They came with high recommendations.

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