Monday, March 30, 2020

Dry Run, Curitiba, Brazil – 20 May 2018

20 May 2018 – Hotel IBIS, like the previous hotel I stayed in, also provided a very good breakfast, which I was grateful for. The brain always works better on a full stomach. Today I’m going to plan my route to my shipment broker's building “Mundial Import and Export Solutions” and to James Sr’s. apartment. I looked up both of the addresses on Google Maps. I’m going to walk to both of these buildings so tomorrow when I visit them, I won’t get lost. I wrote down all the names of the streets to the different addresses and started off walking.

Much to my surprise, my broker's building was only 5/8’s of a mile / 1 Kilometer away from my hotel. I was expecting about a 2.5 Miles / 4 Kilometers walk. Only one intersection was a little tricky. I think four streets came together and the street signs were a little goofy. It made the intersection difficult to navigate but I made it thru ok without getting run down by a car or bus. I found the Mundial Import and Export Solutions building ok. It was Sunday so it was locked up. This building was right downtown near the City Center Plaza. I made a mental note of where the building was and set off to find James Sr. apartment building. I don’t think I walked much more than .62 Miles / 1 Kilometer either before I found the building. It was quite tall and had 9 or 10 floors. I also made a mental note where that was.

I returned to the hotel to think about what I needed for tomorrow when I speak to the import / export broker. During my walking I was looking for anywhere I could buy food. I would probably be getting hungry later in the evening. I never found the perfect street vendor or restaurant. Just a side note about Google Maps. I still say what you see on Google Maps never seems to match the streets once you start walking or driving on them.

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