Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Bicycle Invasion - Colorado – 25 June 2018

25 June 2018 – I got up and strolled in to the breakfast room and had bite to eat. I then loaded my motorcycle, check out of the hotel, and it was back on the road for another day of riding. I followed my route like I laid out last night. So, it will be more desert and mountains today. I don’t know if we will have the temperature of yesterday, I hope not. I can feel my butt aching already. So, I’m cruising along and then I reach Interstate 70. I hang a right turn onto it and continue driving east on Interstate 70 until I reach Grand Junction. I pick up Hwy. 50 heading toward Montrose. I was going to stop at Whitehorse or Delta to stay the night, but every hotel I stopped at was filled up. It was depressing because I was tired and sore. One of the hotel people said it had something to do with a bicycle race or ride. That explains why I’m seeing all these bicycle riders. Most everyone on that ride was going to be stopping the night in those two towns for the night, so all the hotel rooms were taken. 

I continued on to Montrose and found a hotel for the night. It’s a repeat of yesterday. Unload the bags, check the motorcycle over, cover it up and plan the next day’s route. Tomorrow's route is pretty easy. Just follow Hwy 50 to Canon City, Colorado and find a hotel. Judging from the map it should be an easy day of riding. That’s ok with me!

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