Saturday, April 25, 2020

Camper Business – Anamosa Iowa to Prior Lake, Minnesota – 30 June 2018

30 June 2018 – I spent a miserable night in that mold infested room. My nose ran and I spent a good deal of time coughing. Horrible, horrible mold smelling room. I will never sleep in a room like that again. For sure I will ask for another room or leave the hotel. I collected up my belongings, loaded my motorcycle and left. I stopped at McDonald's again for a quick bite to eat. I then headed out to Front Range Gear RV Dealership. 

When I arrived I parked my motorcycle out of the vehicle traffic pattern. I didn’t want my motorcycle hit by some car or truck flying in. It was a gravel lot. I looked around some and only saw a couple of trailers setting outside. I walked inside the showroom that had 4 trailers setting around. I walked over and met the salesman. I told him I’d like to look at the Little Guy Travel trailer that was on sale. It was one of the trailers that was setting outside. It was a bigger trailer than I liked. I also didn’t really like the craftmanship I saw on the inside of the trailer. I was only thinking it. I never said it out loud. One nice thing about the trailer was that the rear compartment was open all the way thru from one side to the other side of the trailer. That is a nice feature for like skis, hiking poles or a sewer pipe etc.


We walked into the showroom and I looked at several of the trailers there. I walked thru a NuCamp T@B400. It was more my size and I liked the craftmanship much better. Everything about it was smaller than the Little Guy. I took pictures of it and I would talk to Mary about it when I get home. I also looked into several other trailers they had there. One other trailer that I liked was a boondock type trailer or maybe a hunting trailer. I kind of liked it but it would require a large truck to pull it. We sat in there and talked a while about travel to Alaska and my travels to Mexico, Central and South America. We shared a few stories and then I said I needed to getting going and want to be home before dark. I also said I’d discuss the different trailers with Mary and if we decide on any of his trailers, I’d let him know. We walked outside together and he looked at my motorcycle and couldn’t believe I rode it all the way down to the tip of South America. Anyway, we shook hands and said good bye.

I rode back to Cedar Rapids. I picked up Interstate I 380 North to North Hwy 218 to West Hwy 18. Hwy 18 connects to Interstate I 35 North. I rode north to Lakeville, Minnesota where I exited Interstate I 35 on to 185th Street. I made a left turn on 185th Street / Hwy 21 and drove toward Prior Lake. I reached Texas Avenue / Hwy 27 and made a right turn onto it. I followed it until I made a right turn onto Creekwood Road. I rode a victory lap around the Creekwood neighborhood and pulled in to Mary’s driveway and beeped the horn that I was home. Mary came out of the house and we kissed and hugged a quite a bit. It had been 8-1/2 months since I left home. I left Prior Lake, Minnesota 15 October 2017 and didn’t get back to Prior Lake, Minnesota until 30 June 2018.

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