Monday, April 6, 2020

Someone Else's Problem For a Change! - Los Angeles/Walnut, CA – 6 June 2018

6 June 2018 – My brother Larry is in touch with his mechanic and the vehicle will be towed to his shop. When the vehicle reaches the shop, the vehicle will be checked out / inspected and they will get back to Larry with the prognosis. My broker just got back to me and said they need an EPA and DOT (Department of Transporation) Form filled out to include where the motorcycle was manufactured etc. etc. It’s the kind of form which kind of makes me think someone is way overthinking this motorcycle shipping process. I filled it out and e-mailed it back to the broker. They said they will get back to me tomorrow with the release form for my motorcycle. Later in the afternoon Larry’s mechanic calls back and has nothing but bad news. It’s a major transmission fix. The anti-freeze leaked back into the transmission and over time, wrecked the transmission. The cooler built into the radiator developed an anti-freeze leak which allowed the coolant to get into the transmission and destroy it. It required a radiator fix and a rebuilt transmission costing $3-4000 Dollars. Another night of no joy in the house.

After all the loud noise leveled off some, I laid some homespun wisdom on my brother in regards to fixing his vehicle. To replace your present pickup would cost at a minimum of $35,000 / $45,000 Dollars point blank. Your vehicle has good running gear, a good engine, the body is not rusted out and the interior is ok. For a rebuilt transmission you could extend life of your truck for 5 years and probably up to 10 years if taken care of. Here is the clinker in the deal. Most transmission repair specialists on the street……..their rebuilt transmissions at best are iffy. You're taking your chances even if they give you a one year warranty. Just my opinion. My recommendation is this, and it will cost more. Take your truck back to Nissan and tell them to put in a Nissan factory rebuilt transmission. I believe these transmissions are tested before they leave Nissan rebuild facility and they come with a one year warranty. If this transmission gives you grief you can come back to the Nissan Dealership and raise some hell and if you don’t get satisfaction there you can go to Nissan Corporate Headquarters and raise some more hell. That is my recommendation for your situation. One other person I know had a transmission go out at about 130,000 / 140,000 miles. I gave him the same advice. He put in a rebuilt Ford transmission and it started acting up about 190,000+ miles. He had other little dash problems going on plus the transmission issue. They just drove it in the junk yard as not worth fixing and bought a new vehicle. The last word I heard about my brother’s truck was that he asked his mechanic to drop off his truck at the Nissan Dealership and have a rebuilt Nissan transmission put in. I’m sure when he gets the bill for that he’ll be glowing in the dark. Tanya is passing out ice cream, how can I turn down that? I’m weak.

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