Thursday, April 2, 2020

Trouble Ahead – Curitiba, Brazil – 24 May 2018

24 May 2018 – My motorcycle was to be palletized, boxed and inspected by Customs Officials / Inspecionados por funcionarios aduaneiros today. It wasn’t, because of the trucker’s strike which blocked traffic into Afonso Pena International Airport, Curitiba, Brazil. They pretty much shut down all traffic entering and leaving the airport. The City of Curitiba had no joy over this trucker’s strike. The reason why the truckers were so outraged is the government of Brazil raised the price of diesel fuel by 20 % percent in one week. A lot of these guys were owner operators and a 20% per cent price increase in diesel fuel put them out of business on the spot. Many of them were making payments on their trucks so their profit margin was small. I felt sorry for them and understood their situation. James Sr. told me several days earlier that there were rumblings of a trucker's strike because of the high price of diesel fuel. I’m guessing that’s why he filled his truck up on the 23 of May before there was any fuel shortages or strikes to contend with.

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