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Last Look – Curitiba, Brazil – 1 June 2018

1 June 2018 – I’m getting this strange sinking feeling that my time left in Brazil is fast drawing to a close. That simply means, if I want to do any tourist type of things today, it must be done today. I will start with a good breakfast and then set out with my camera and cell phone to take some pictures. But first I must check on my motorcycle. According to Avianca Cargo my motorcycle is in a transit warehouse in Bogota, Columbia. So, everything is good here, thank god. I also must have Mary send me all the information for my flight to Los Angeles, California. My flight from Curitiba will be leaving tomorrow, sometime in the late afternoon 4:00 p.m.ish. 

I’m off to take some pictures of the downtown area. Some of the architecture is pretty interesting.  I will take some pictures of the Mall Area or the Plaza. Then I walked over to the Catholic Cathedral Basilica Menor and took some pictures in there. I found it a bit odd but the Cathedral had a souvenir shop. I bought crucifix as a souvenir from Curitiba. I then walked into an older part of town. Some of the older buildings were dressed up in newer paint. There was a large fountain in the center plaza.  

  In the center of the fountain was a copper horse head mounted on a rectangular pillar. From the horse’s mouth flowed the water. It looked very artistic / cool. 

I moved on down the road and on the left side was a blue mosque. It was built in 1972. A lot of beautiful tile work. 

Across the street from the mosque was some unusual artwork. It’s way over my head. Somebody had a hidden message in their art but I don’t understand it. I turned around and walked back down the street past a building built in 1898. It looked nice. I would have like to have looked inside. Farther down the street were a few sidewalk cafes. 

   Continuing on was a blue Catholic Church. It was named Church of the Rosary. Somehow Saint Benedict is connected to the church. Going inside it’s mostly blue and white.



There is some amazing ceramic tile work throughout the interior of the church. The stained glass windows are beautiful as is the organ in the choir. The front of the church on the outside has some unbelievable ceramic tile work. It said something about a catholic church in the 17th century but this church was built sometime around 1946. Just out front of the church is a fountain in the middle of the square. It looks a birdbath but I don’t know what it is used for. 

Continuing on down the street past the outdoor cafes, I take a left. This street will take me to my hotel. On Saturday and Sunday this area turns into something similar to a farmer's market. Artisans bring their paintings, crafts, clothing etc. etc. I’m sure someone could apply the term flea market if you wanted to. You’ll notice the cobblestone street.

  I walked back and forth to Mundial Import and Export Solutions on this street and found it very easy to turn my ankle.

Continuing on down the street you pass more artwork painted on the wall. It’s way over my head again and someone should explain it to me.

I laugh every time I pass this store. I call it the Doll Store. I think they sell children’s clothing but it looks kind of funny to me. Maybe they sell theme clothing or superhero clothing. So, continuing on, I only had a 100 Yards / 100 Meters and I will be back at my hotel. Thus, ended my touristic day. I’ve got to get back and see if I got any info on my flight out of Curitiba tomorrow. 


I checked on my motorcycle and it still sitting in Bogota, Columbia. I hope it leaves for Los Angeles, California before I do. It looks like Mary sent me my flight information. That’s a good thing. I will fly out of Curitiba, Brazil to Sao Paulo, Brazil. I will have a 4-hour layover and then a through flight into Los Angeles, California. I have to get all my things packed tonight so I’m ready to go tomorrow before noon. My flight leaves Curitiba about 4:00 p.m. So, time to get packing. I have everything organized and packed. I will only carry my motorcycle paperwork and my laptop on the plane. My other two bags will go in the belly of the plane.

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