Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Not Friendly (Environmentally) – Los Angeles/Walnut, CA – 7 June 2018

7 June 2018 – I just received an e-mail stating I can’t pick up my motorcycle because the EPA is not releasing it. This is not good. I have a PDF copy of the Release Form but it does not include the EPA Release Form. Hopefully tomorrow I will have better news. I still think my broker thinks, I purchased my motorcycle in Brazil and am importing it to the United States. Which could mean the Brazil Emission Standards are lower than United States EPA standards, especially in California. As sluggish as this paperwork is going, it could mean they may not let my motorcycle back into the United States. In reality I purchased the motorcycle in the state of Minnesota. This kind of foot-dragging makes me wish I had used a broker from the Los Angeles area so I could park myself at his desk and just handle this paperwork. All of this e-mail stuff could have been handled in one or two hours as compared to days. Everyday my motorcycle sets in this Avianca Cargo Warehouse I pay storage fees and it’s been there for 7 days now. Maybe Tanya still has more ice cream in the refrigerator to cool me off.

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