Thursday, March 29, 2018

I Got The Boot - 19 March 2018

19 March 2018 – I was booted out of my upstairs suite because I didn’t book another night soon enough, and took a cheaper room on the first floor. I lost my view of the city but this is my kind of room. I didn’t need a jacuzzi, a shower, a walkout balcony with a skyline view of the snowcapped mountains and sky lights. It’s nice, but I’m used to a much simpler room and this room is just fine. I decided to stay another two days to see if I can get this blog sent to Mary. I’m almost up to 17,000 words. I now have to keep in constant contact with my Brazilian friends so they know my whereabouts. I don’t want to just drop in on them unexpectedly. It might not be appreciated. It’s getting time for supper. A cooking smell is wafting through my open window and it’s making me hungry. So, I think it’s time to go eat.

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