Thursday, March 29, 2018

Man About Town - 18 March 2018

18 March 2018 – It was a kind of a lazy day. I spent two or three hours e-mailing people who think I’m lost or have died. Russ and Neil went on a penguin watching tour. I needed to get downtown and find an ATM machine and shore up my Pesos for the run North to Brazil. I can’t get caught short of money in those non-tourist areas. They more than likely won’t have ATM’s that will accept my cards.

After I finished with e-mailing the different people, I walked downtown and kept a closer eye on where I was going so I could get back home. I also put Blanche into my pocket just in case I got lost. After a long walk I did find two ATM machines and was able to withdraw Argentine pesos with my cards. I also walked around looking for commemorative pins. I would like to get an Argentine Flag and Ruta 3 pin. All the best souvenir shops were closed because it was Sunday, so shopping for pins proved to be a waste of time. They’ll be my prized possessions.

As I was walking on San Martin / Main Street I spotted a hamburger place. I went in and ordered up a hamburger with fries. It was just the right size. Not too big and not too small. Like Goldilocks, I walked out feeling just right.

I kept walking toward my hotel and I Spotted Russ’s and Neil’s motorcycles. I thought they were parked in an odd spot, but whatever. I kept walking and I spotted Russ working on his computer through his hotel window. I sat and stared at him till he looked up. I was being weird. I walked in, sat down and talked a little. I went upstairs and talked some with Neil because I had some info on storing a motorcycle in Uruguay and I wanted to get it to him by e-mail. I got his e-mail address and gave him one of my cards with my e-mail address. We went downstairs and talked some more. Well, it was getting later in the day and those guys were leaving in the morning for Buenos Aires, Argentina. They had a rather short timeframe to get there and I know the road they have to travel. Not all portions of it are so great. They will work to make a 620 Miles / 1000 Kilometer day. I said my goodbyes, shook everybody’s hand and was off to my hotel. I stopped in the grocery store / Mercado again and got another pint of ice cream. You guessed it, it was the same slow, friendly lady at the cash register and it was a repeat of two days ago. It only made the ice cream taste better.

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