Monday, March 26, 2018

Russ and I On a Mission - 3 March 2018

3 March 2018 – I was on a mission to find Argentine Motorcycle Insurance / Seguro. The first location I was told about was a bust. The Security Guard told me where the 2nd location was and I was off to find it. I was crossing the street and I heard someone holler “Dave”. I looked and didn’t see anybody I recognized. I can’t be the only David in this town. Then I heard somebody holler my name again much closer. I turned and looked. There was Russ. He spotted me downtown. Russ Bennett is from Chicago, Illinois and we first met at the Ecuador / Peru Border. Together he and I searched out the 2nd location where we could purchase the insurance. He can speak reasonably good Spanish so his help finding this insurance was helpful. Intuitively (not), it was located above a lubrication store. We walked in the Lubrication Store and asked the lady behind the desk if she knew where this Insurance Office was. She showed us the stairway to the 2nd floor. We sat down feeling really lucky. This location also turned out to be a bust. They only sold Argentine Automobile Insurance. Another letdown. Russ went off to get his motorcycle paperwork as I was getting that choice piece of information.

So we asked the lady if she knew anywhere else we could purchase this motorcycle insurance. She said there was a business next to the Shell gas station that sold the insurance. I asked her if she could call and find out for sure if they sold the insurance. She called and confirmed that they did indeed sell the Argentine Motorcycle Insurance. She showed me the business on Google Maps so we could recognize it when we arrived there. When Russ returned I told him the news. We both set out to look for the 3rd location.

We found the Shell Gas Station ok and then we spotted the Insurance Office. It had a spiral staircase to the 2nd floor. Purchasing the insurance went pretty smooth. The lady doing the typing needed glasses and was in denial.  I offered her my glasses. She must have made five typing errors on my forms. It was mostly mixing up I’s and L’s. Russ’s form went a little better with his knowledge of Spanish. We were really happy after we purchased the insurance. God we were so damn happy about being able to purchase that insurance. A difficult job completed.

We parted ways agreeing to hook up about 5:00 o’clockish for dinner. We went out for dinner at a hamburger joint. They served a nice large hamburger that tasted really good. We then parted ways saying maybe we’ll meet up in Ushuaia, Argentina. We might but it’s a slim chance that we’ll see other. I went back to the hotel and watched some tv.

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