Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Cool Pool and Uncool Guy – 2 January 2018

2 January 2018 – In the morning I walked over to the restaurant and ordered breakfast. I ordered my usual and was looking at this building out the window. It was in disrepair. After I finished eating, I walked over to it and walked inside. There was a swimming pool inside with a bar and restaurant. Around the edge of the pool in the water were concrete stools covered with tile about 1 yard / 1 meter apart, and a ledge your breakfast was placed on. Similar to what you would see in any McDonalds, but in the water. I walked outside and translated the writing on the wall with my cell phone.   Basically, it said you can swim and eat breakfast at the same time. Your breakfast was served to you in the pool. The tiles were falling off in the pool and lifting off the floor surrounding the pool. It looks like a cool idea but I think the idea didn’t take off or it was too expensive and ordinary people couldn’t afford to get in. Or it was something you tried once and never repeated.

Anyway, I went back to my room and continued reading up on my Nicaraguan / Costa Rican Border crossing. I got all my paperwork reviewed, found out the different fees I would have to pay, and the insurance I would have to purchase. I also got all the copies that I would need for each country laid out and in order. I then checked my cell phone and found two hotels I would potentially want to stay at. The Wi-Fi was so weak in the hotel I was in that I couldn’t get on the internet with my computer, which had me seeing blue. I texted Mary and she found the GPS coordinates on these hotels. Both Mary and I converted these coordinates to Degrees, Minutes and Seconds, which is how Blanche insists on receiving coordinates.  She’s a little finicky, as you know. I caught Mary trying to send me into never Neverland: two sets of eyes are better than one. That GPS coordinates business…………either you’re right or you’re wrong. There is no in-between. When you’re looking for a hotel in a large city and you have 30 minutes of daylight left you don’t want to be traveling in never neverland.

While I was eating breakfast at the restaurant earlier, I saw another supermarket / mercado only 400 yards / 400 meters away from the hotel. I walked over and purchased apples, bananas, more bread and more Nicaraguan Lempira. I was spending my border money on my hotel and restaurant meals so I restock on that. So, I was pretty much ready to take on the border now.

It was about 7:00 p.m. I went back to the restaurant to eat a good meal. I bumped into John who was setting outside drinking a beer. I told him I was going in to get something to eat. He asked me when I was leaving and I told him tomorrow. Once in the restaurant, I ordered what I thought was going to be a meat with a lot of gravy. The waiter brings my meal and its shrimp, green peppers and some kind of ground up nuts. It’s exactly what I didn’t want. I’m not a big seafood fan. It kind of looked like an Asian dish. I tasted it. It was hot, so I just ate it. I thought to myself, Montezuma was going to be paying me a visit again. Now if that would have been meat it would have been perfect. The dish was served hot so I felt pretty safe with it.

After dinner, I went back outside and John was still there. We talked a little bit more and he kind of alluded to the fact that he may be an inter-dimensional traveler. He says he kind of knows what people are going to say and what will happen in the future. Now I can imagine if I told this story back at my old employer, Remmele Engineering. I know one or two guys would say “man, that dude found some really good drugs. I want some.” Well, we parted ways and told him the trash can he was looking for last night was back in place so he didn’t need to throw his trash on the ground anymore. He laughed and I went to bed.

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