Tuesday, January 23, 2018

What’s App? – 8 January 2018

8 January 2018 – I checked my riding suit when I got up, and to my surprise both my jacket and my riding paints were dried out. I was happy. I was going to stay another day to make sure everything was dried out and try to contact my friends in Brazil.  My plan is to spend some time with them on my way back up through the continent, and I had been keeping them updated on my progress. I wanted to get the WhatsApp app, which is what I used to communicate with them before my phone pooped out on me, activated again. I also wanted to research the border crossing to see what requirement were to leave Costa Rica and cross in to Panama. I have found on this trip that reading what others who have gone before encountered at the crossings really helped to prepare me for when I get there. I hope this blog is of some help to others. I also found a hotel in David, Panama I planning to stay at when I get through the border.

I was able to make contact through WhatsApp and did in fact reach my Brazilian friend James Meurer. That made my day right off. I did some research on flying my motorcycle to Bogota, Columbia. That will take some thinking on my part to pull that off smoothly. I have to get my motorcycle and myself there at approximately the same time, and figure out how to navigate once I drop off my motorcycle at the cargo terminal.  I went over to Impala Restaurant and ordered a hamburger and a bottle of water. The hamburger and French fries tasted pretty much like a hamburger you would order in a family restaurant in the USA. I never did get any research done on the border crossing and that irritated me. Because of that, I would be staying another day. I Skyped with Mary and Hissy, and then went to bed.

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