Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Dang Phone – 4 January 2018

4 January 2018 – I got up about 7:00 a.m. to start washing my clothes. I didn’t want to have stand in line waiting for the machines. By 8:15 a.m. I have my clothes washed and dried. I threw the hotel towels into the drawer to help the clothes tumble and dry. 

I tried several more times to get my cell phone to start up. No luck there. Mary had suggested I ask about the Marriott courtesy shuttle, so I went downstairs and paid for another day and asked if anyone knew where I could take my cell phone to be checked out. They told me there was a place in the City Mall Alajuela that is within walking distance from here. I asked if Jose, the porter I met the previous day could accompany me to Samsung Store to interpret for me. His supervisor said it was ok. We took the Marriott Shuttle to the Mall at 11:00 a.m. Jose took me to the Samsung Store where he explained to the guy working behind the counter what the problem was with the phone. 

We removed the SIM and S/D Card and the Samsung guy crashed my phone then rebooted it back up. He downloaded everything back into the phone which probably took an hour. Then Jose and myself worked to get all the apps working again. I lost all my contacts and all my notes I had written along the way including people’s addresses. That part bums me out the most. For the most part between the 3 of us we got my phone back to 90% plus. I can’t thank Samsung Guy and Jose for all the help they provided enough. That phone would have never worked again had it not been for them. I tipped them nicely for all their help. I could have never gotten it going. 

Later that night, Mary and I got the Skype working again. So that works. My AOL account on the phone isn’t working correctly. That ticks me off and I have yet to get the Whatsapp working so I can communicate with my friend Jim Meurer in Brazil. Otherwise, I got everything else pretty much straightened out. It took the vast majority of the day trying to get that phone up to speed. I sure wish that once in a while there would be one day when I didn’t have to think about some insane problem like the cell phone. I watched one of my favorite old movies from 1971 called “The Hard Ride” with Robert Fuller. I liked the Harley-Davidson Knucklehead chopper. She’s a beauty.  With visions of the chopper in my head, I went to bed.

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