Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Tackling Blanche – 30 December 2017

30 December 2017 – I got up this morning and continued working on my blog. I had some loose ends to tie up. After that was completed, I needed to tackle Blanche and see if I can program a route into her. If I can, I should be able to program a route through or around a city without Blanche taking off over hill and dale on me. Wouldn’t that be a novelty….  So, it’s time to see what I can do with Blanche. I figured out my route and way points around Managua all the way to the Border of Costa Rica. Once I had that all programmed into Blanche, I started trying to build a custom route using all my pre-programmed points. I tried three times and I think by the 4th try I had Blanche following my points to the Costa Rican Border. The hope is that it will work when I’m using it on the motorcycle. That’s the test on New Years Day. The Boss Lady told me today if you stay 3 days at the hotel, the 4th day you can stay for free. So I will stay tomorrow for free. I read some more on crossing the Nicaragua and Cost Rican Borders. I will read it again the night before I cross the border.

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