Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Securing Everything Down So It Doesn’t Walk Off – 14 January 2018

14 January 2018 – After a day of goofing off, I am back on the clock again. I have to get my route planned for how I am going to get to Air Cargo Pack at the Cargo Terminal to drop my bike off. I got it pretty much planned and entered it into Blanche, but I think I might deviate from it. I found a new way which will hook up with Blanche’s programmed route. She will rebel at first but will then accept it. I’m going to start on the autopista right off and skip the neighborhood driving. That should work out better for me. I actually walked down to the autopista and checked out the roundabout I will use. So I get on the autopista, then I need to drive into the roundabout, perform a 180 and drive back on to the autopista going in the opposite direction. I need to print out a Google Map and the business card for Leanardo my taxi driver. It will show him how to get to the Air Cargo Terminal to pick me up and bring me back to the hotel after I drop off my bike. I will give that to the receptionist to give to Leanardo. When I deliver my motorcycle to the Air Cargo Pack Cargo Terminal it may take some time to get the paperwork completed so I don’t want Leanardo there standing around. When all the paperwork is completed I will call the receptionist at the hotel and she will dispatch Leanardo to come pick me up.

My plan for my luggage is this: my helmet, my motorcycle paperwork, my GPS, my laptop, my toothbrush and my red Aerostitch motorcycle jacket will travel with me when I fly to Bogota. Everything else travels with the motorcycle. I dug through my saddlebags and pulled out all my security cables and my small padlocks. I put SPOT my electronic device, my Swiss Army Knife, my Buck tool and my Aerostitch red riding pants into the top box. To secure my bottom black bag, I will weave my long cable through the bag’s carrying handles and out through the bag end loops. I will then padlock each end of the cable to the motorcycle luggage rack. I will lock the zipper on the top bag and then run my short cable through the carrying handles and lock the ends to metal cargo loops on the lid of the top box. The tires will go in their usual location with a cable around them and the ends padlocked to one of the metal cargo loops on the lid of the top box. The top box is always padlocked as that’s where my laptop and motorcycle papers are kept. So as far as security goes…that’s as secure as I can make my luggage on my motorcycle. So tomorrow I will eat breakfast, load my motorcycle like I describe above, double check with the receptionist about giving Leanardo the Google Maps and depart for the Air Cargo Pack Cargo Terminal. I went to bed.

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